Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Image of the Australian aboriginal in illustrated newspapers, 1853-1897

The purpose of this study was to list and describe all images, including cartoons, of Indigenous people between the given dates in a sample of newspapers from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Related textual information was also included.

The resulting computer-readable text file contains a standardised entry for each image. Descriptive fields include the title and date of the newspaper, title of the image and page on which it is located, name of artist/engraver/photographer, size of image, description of scene (activity/background/dress/ accessories), title and author of related text, location and name of tribe, type of image (advertisement, cartoon etc.), city of origin of newspaper, and related information.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, researchers and other users should be aware that material in this dataset may contain material that is considered offensive. The data has been retained in its original format because it represents an evidential record of language, beliefs or other cultural situations at a point in time.
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