Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive


Supporting the research lifecycle

As well as accepting completed datasets at the end of a research project, ATSIDA likes to work closely with researchers to support them in implementing effective data management practices throughout the research lifecycle. 

In this section you will find guidance on submitting a dataset to ATSIDA for archiving, as well as managing your research data for new or ongoing projects. 

Please note that as ATSIDA is a thematic archive of the Australian Data Archive (ADA), much of the content is replicated from and references the ADA.  

Supporting Indigenous Higher Education Research Units

ATSIDA aims to work closely with Indigenous Higher Education Units conducting research to assist them with data management through the research lifecycle.

Depositing with ATSIDA

ATSIDA is happy to accept any data submissions that meet the criteria set out in our collection development policy. The following steps outline the deposit process.