Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Data management

Research data management planning

ATSIDA offers assistance to researchers in:

 Research Cycle

At the proposal and planning stage, it is important to guide researchers through tasks such as reviewing existing datasets, identifying any potential challenges for data and factoring in costs associated with data collection and management.

During the data collection and file creation stage, researchers may need assistance securing appropriate informed consent, establishing anonymisation techniques and determining appropriate file formats for archiving.

When depositing data with an archive such as ATSIDA, there are considerations for determining the suitability of the data for long term preservation and setting appropriate access conditions.

In conjunction with the ADA team, we are developing tools and checklists to guide researchers through these aspects of their research cycle. These tools will enable researchers to quickly and easily evaluate their responsibilities at any given point during the research cycle and facilitate good data management practices without imposing an additional administrative burden.

ATSIDA staff would maintain regular contact with potential depositors in order to ensure the smooth accession of their material into ATSIDA and to answer any queries they might have.