Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

How to deposit

Currently, interested researchers should contact the ATSIDA office to discuss potential submissions. However, you may like to start thinking about the following four steps that you will need to undertake when making a submission:

STEP 1: Collect together all the data files

You may want to think about:

  • confidentiality - removing variables like peoples' names, addresses and phone numbers. We will let you know if we find something that we think is a risk
  • created variables - if they are important to replication of your work, can you provide the syntax that created it? If you can't describe how you created them, is it still important to archive them?
  • data formats - we can accept most formats but suggest some preferred options.

STEP 2: Collect together all the relevant documentation

You may want to include:

  • any questionnaires and any other materials
  • audio interviews and transcripts
  • images 
  • reports
  • any publications you want referenced in the documentation

It saves us a lot of time if you can provide these materials in electronic format where possible, however we can discuss options for digitisation of 'analogue' materials. 

STEP 3: Fill out the forms

When submitting a dataset, you will have to also complete a Study Description form and ATSIDA Data Deposit Licence form (2021) to assist us in archiving your data. These forms will also assist you in getting your deposit together, as well as giving us the permission to archive your data. 

There are several levels of access you can elect to place on your dataset - these are detailed in the ATSIDA protocols

STEP 4: Send the data, documentation and forms to us

There are a number of ways to transfer your deposit depending on the size and format of the files. Please contact us to discuss your options.