Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Strategies for Collection Development

ATSIDA undertakes a varied and diverse range of activities to identify datasets collections:

  • An awareness raising program encourages and promotes the deposit of collections of interest through a variety of activities. These include the website, publications, posters, workshops, conferences, and training events.

  • Individuals, groups and institutions creating relevant datasets resources of significance are identified and encouraged to deposit their materials with ATSIDA. ATSIDA endeavours to contact them at an appropriate point in the datasets creation process and to provide sufficient explanatory material to facilitate deposit of well documented, high quality datasets and documentation materials.

  • ATSIDA works to facilitate and influence, where appropriate, funding bodies, researchers, and other groups involved in the datasets creation process to encourage funding and creation of materials suitable for secondary analysis and to make provision for long term preservation and access.

  • The ARC and NHMRC specify that grant holders in relevant fields are required to offer their electronic materials for deposit with ASSDA. ATSIDA contacts grant holders to discuss deposit of digital materials arising from their funded research project in Indigenous related areas.

  • ATSIDA seeks to develop collaborative partnerships and projects which may result in datasets creation by its partners.
  • Development of strategic relationships with relevant journals and users to establish an arrangement whereby lodgement of datasets with ATSIDA supports the articles in their publications.