Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Sharing Data and Setting Conditions

Sharing data and setting conditions

One of the consequences of depositing data in the Australian Data Archive (ADA) is that the data can be made available to other researchers who may wish to analyse them. Data is expensive to collect, and the principal investigator(s) (PIs) often do not have the time or money to analyse all aspects of the data they have obtained. When data is made available through a data archive, maximum utilisation of the data is possible. Other researchers may test different questions on the data, or may provide feedback about the original results. Data sharing is one avenue through which a researcher may develop contacts with others who are studying similar variables.

The conditions under which the data may be made available by the Archive to other researchers are determined by the PIs.

In order to access any data a user must first register with ADA. When depositing data with ATSIDA, you can choose from many levels of access conditions. Please refer to the ATSIDA protocols for detailed descriptions of these.  

As a depositor, you can also contact ATSIDA at any time to find out who is using your data, in order to comment on that use and make contact with colleagues of similar interests.