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Artist survey, Australia, 1983

A nationwide survey of artists was conducted to provide basic data on the economic and social circumstances of practising professional artists in Australia.

Topics investigated included income comparisons, main artistic achievements, employment arrangements, allocation of working time, average hours of work, income sources, expenditures, regularity of incomes, work preferences, child care, and knowledge of Australia Council. Historical questions covered family background, levels of early encouragement, age at initial involvement, period of training, time between training and first job, unemployment, range of work throughout career, constraints on career, employers, and financial assistance. Attitudinal variables included adequacy of training opportunities, importance of overseas travel, and technology.

Demographic variables covered age, sex, birthplace, level of education
and years of training.

Data not available on Nesstar. Please contact archive staff at ada@anu.edu.au if you wish to access these data.
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