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Aboriginal survey, New South Wales and South Australia, 1965: File h

The object of the surveys, conducted in New South Wales and South Australia in 1965, was to gain some idea of the social and economic situation of persons identifying as Aboriginal in the more closely settled regions of Australia.

Data on households covered household composition, including sex of head of household, visitors, duration of residence, location of dwelling, type of dwelling, land ownership, rent and payments, details of type of construction, facilities, utilities, furnishings and appliances, consumer durables and books/musical instruments, interior and exterior care and maintenance and whether dwellings condemned.

Data on individuals included housing, age, sex, marital status, race,
relationship to household head, recent absences from home, illnesses, physical disabilities, medical advice sought, medical insurance cover,
whether a ward of an organisation, hospital admissions, employment,
education, sources of income and membership of community organisations.

Females were asked, in addition, about pregnancies, miscarriages, stillbirths and surviving offspring, attendance at pre-natal and baby health clinics and location of other relatives.

Males were asked about dependent children; military service; time spent in government institutions; ownership of vehicles, tools of trade, house, real estate, shares, livestock, insurance policies and property; and about trade union membership and hire purchase.
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