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Northern Territory post election survey, 1983

This is a study of voters and voting behaviour of urban voters in the 1983 Northern Territory election. The survey was conducted immediately after the election. Some questions were designed to allow comparison with the results of the Northern Territory Urban Voters Survey, 1982 [SSDA Study No. 368].

Topics include perceived problems to be dealt with by the Northern Territory Government; voting behaviour in the election just held and in previous territory and federal elections; attitudes towards territory and federal political parties and their policies, in particular their aboriginal policies; future federal voting intention; attitude towards social class structure and class mobility in the Northern Territory; economic development in the Northern Territory.

Background variables include work status; occupation; employer status;
education level; age; religion; sex; period of residence in the Northern Territory and current town of residence.

Data not available on Nesstar. Please contact archive staff at ada@anu.edu.au if you wish to access these data.
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