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Rural Health Research Register, 1991-1992

The Rural Health Register has been designed to record projects initiated in the field of rural health throughout Australia. A major objective of the register is to support education, training and research programmes in rural health by providing information on the range of research currently completed, assisting in the identification of areas of future interest and providing a means of liaison for research personnel. The development of a substantial and integrated information base in rural health research will assist not only current and intending researchers with a rural health interest, but also those personnel who plan and execute health policy and those concerned with the planning and delivery of training and further education programmes. This service will extend to health care providers and ultimately to the rural community.

Variables include project subject; the source, amount and duration of project funding; the principal researcher(s) and the co-investigators.

Background variables include the profession and position of the researcher, and the institute he or she is associated with.
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