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Aboriginal survey, New South Wales panel, 1980

This survey of the New South Wales subset, is a follow-up to a 1965 study which investigated a sample of New South Wales and South Australian Aboriginal households. The aim of this second wave was to examine changes that had occurred in social and economic conditions since 1965.

Topics investigated include household composition, ownership and physical characteristics of the dwelling and details of visitors; health including child mortality, ante-natal and infant care, use of health services and medical insurance; education, literacy, employment, hospitalisations, trade union membership, income (individual and household), assets, and chief recreation. Attitudinal questions asked were related to schooling, health services, Aboriginal languages, Aboriginal land rights, political parties, police, officials of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the Aboriginal Study Grants Scheme, the Aboriginal Health Service, changes since 1965 in the economic situation of Aborigines, and local Aboriginal leadership.

Demographic variables covered age, sex and relationship to head of household.
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