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Aboriginal radio broadcasting in Alice Springs, 1981

The aims are to ascertain the level of contact of the white people of Alice Springs with the ABC station 8AL, to determine to what extent these people know of or listen to 'Aboriginal ways - Cheerios' and 'Aboriginal Ways', and, to measure the reactions and attitudes of these white people to Aboriginal programmes broadcast by Aboriginals for Aboriginals on 8AL.

Topics include: radio and television ownership; whether there are any FM radio sets in the household; whether the respondent has listened to radio station 8 (8HA, 8AL, or 8CCC) in the last week; if he has not listened to 8AL in the last week, whether he has ever listened to 8AL and if so, whether he has listened to it in the last 6 months; whether the respondent has heard the programmes 'Aboriginal Ways - Cheerios' and 'Aboriginal Ways', and if no, the reasons for not listening, and if yes, how often the respondent listens to these programmes; opinion of the aboriginal programmes heard on ABC radio; whether the respondent would prefer a different format; whether the respondent has heard any programmes for aboriginal people on stations other than the ABC station 8AL and if yes, which ones; and, attitudes about aboriginal broadcasting. Background information includes age, sex, occupation, level of education, and household composition.
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