Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Request from Aboriginal community for deposit of data held by researcher

ATSIDA receives an inquiry from an Aboriginal community organisation that has been approached by a researcher who holds research data relating to their community. The community organisation does not have the facilities to store digital content, but would still like ongoing access to the material. They see ATSIDA as an appropriate facility to digitally preserve the data that relates to their community.

ATSIDA assists by:

  • consulting with the researcher and community organisation about the collection.
  • ascertaining whether the collection fits with the ATSIDA’s Collection Development Policy.
  • providing a legal framework within which materials may be accessioned into ATSIDA, including:
    • a deposit agreement and licence form which confirms the rights and obligations of both parties;
    • discussion of copyright and intellectual property rights to ensure that all necessary copyright issues have been addressed by the datasets depositor;
    • discussion of legal and ethical issues to ensure that the datasets depositor has provided (and, where necessary, obtained) sufficient clearance for ATSIDA to disseminate the resource.

ATSIDA staff would seek to develop an ongoing relationship with the Aboriginal community organisation and respond to feedback about archival management issues where appropriate, and provide help and additional information when required.