Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Office relocation for university faculty

ATSIDA receives an inquiry from a faculty member at an Australian university for advice on archiving research material. The research material has been in use in a senior academic’s office for a long period and has no logical order. The data has been an important resource for many research projects.

The vast majority of material that is held in the collection relates nationally to the Australian Indigenous population.

ATSIDA assists the inquiry by:

  • Assessing scope of the research data against the ATSIDA Collections Development Policy.
  • Seeking expert advice from the ATSIDA Reference Group on any issues that may arise in relation to access and use with the data.
  • Following up on any consultation that may be required with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, or stakeholder groups who may have interests in the data.
  • Providing advice and guidance on documentation and digitisation of material.