Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Aboriginal collections at the University of Newcastle Archives

ATSIDA staff have been out and about in the community, making connections with research institutions and other Libraries and Archives. In June 2010, ATSIDA visited the University of Newcastle Archives to meet with the University Archivist, Gionni DiGravio.

Gionni is passionate about the University archives and the rich collection relating to the history of the Hunter region. The University Archives have created some useful online resources to increase access to research material relating to Aboriginal people in the Hunter.

The Virtual Sourcebook for Aboriginal Studies in the Hunter Region includes digitised works of Reverend Lancelot Threkheld and other materials identified in the collection relating to Aboriginal people throughout the Newcastle and the wider Hunter Region.

The Universities Cultural Collections web site includes information on how to search the University archives and links to their blog and flickr site for digitised works.

ATSIDA and the University of Newcastle archives hope to collaborate on projects in the future that are of benefit to research in the Hunter Region.

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