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Heidi Norman - Koori Knockout Research Archive

ATSIDA is working with Heidi Norman, Senior Lecturer, Social and Political Change Group University of Technology, Sydney to assist with management of research material relating to the Koori Knockout – a rugby league competition for both men and women, which has been hotly contested throughout the state of New South Wales (NSW) since 1971.

While researching the Knockout over many years Heidi has compiled photographs, media coverage and interviews with community members about the event. The research material has important value to Aboriginal communities in NSW and will be a wonderful addition to the data archive.

Heidi currently has a Facebook page dedicated to the Anniversary of the Knockout, and is encouraging members of the community to tag and identify friends or family, and to add descriptions alongside the images. ATSIDA are looking forward to working with Heidi to identify potential ways that the community can continue to be engaged with the research material through the ATSIDA web site.

1969 All Blacks Casino 1969, Andrew Jakubowicz

Redfern All Blacks, Casino 1969. Photo Courtesy

Andrew Jakubowicz and Heidi Norman Koori Knockout Photo Archive.


2010 Koori Knockout Womens Comp 

2010 Koori Knockout - Women's Competition.

Photo Courtesy of Heidi Norman