Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

ATSIDA works in partnership with UTS eResearch and UTS Library to launch DHARMAE

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive (ATSIDA), in partnership with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) eResearch, and UTS Library eScholarship recently launched DHARMAE (Data Hub of Australian Research in Marine and Aquatic Ecocultures), an Australian National Data Service (ANDS) funded cross-disciplinary source of ecocultural research data dealing with water.

DHARMAE draws together local, traditional and conventional knowledge from a range of sources in an effort to improve our understanding of biocultural data. ATSIDA's primary role in the development of DHARMAE was to ensure adequate policy, process, and technical safeguards were in place to protect indigenous cultural and intellectual property where it was incorporated. This includes measures to ensure any future use of the data is in accordance with the wishes of its contributors.

You can explore the data by language community, geographic location, or via the individual research projects that have contributed data.