Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

ATSIDA presents at Making Meaning: Collections as Data

Duncan Loxton, Data Curator, recently attended the State Library of Queensland to speak at the one-day symposium ‘Making Meaning: Collections as Data’. Duncan was invited to speak about the work of ATSIDA in the 'Collections as Data' space, challenging the audience to consider some of the issues that they may not have considered or are grappling with when working with data related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collections or research.

Duncan’s talk emphasised the importance of Indigenous leadership, Free Prior Informed Consent, and cultural context as well as the significance of ethical commitments for collection stewards. The symposium celebrated the key themes of SLQs new Digital Strategy - digital collecting, engagement, advocacy and empowerment – and showcased some of the extraordinary people in Australia’s cultural institutions and the diversity and vibrancy of their work. Highlights included presentations about the Corley Explorer, Find & Connect’s Map of Children’s homes, Reviving Indigenous languages through data and cataloguing historical sound.

More information about thesymposium can be found at https://www.slq.qld.gov.au/makingmeaning