Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Access to Datasets

So that ATSIDA can make datasets appropriately available for online viewing and for downloading, it requires depositors to set access conditions to protect appropriately the interests of their Indigenous research associates and their own academic interests. Under certain conditions datasets may be restricted. An application may be made by an ATSIDA user to access a restricted dataset and will be considered by the depositor (or a nominated representative). Note that the use of a dataset may be governed by conditions set by the depositor and ATSIDA.

Unrestricted datasets are those with access conditions that permit use without specific authorisation. They may include datasets composed of elements extracted from restricted datasets (eg de-identified data approved for open access).

Access Conditions

Access conditions are set by the depositor in consultation with Indigenous research associates and communities. Datasets fall under two basic categories, unrestricted or restricted, and a written application for access is required to see and use the latter. Restrictions imposed by a depositor might be due to the pending publication of research papers based on the dataset or may be imposed in accordance with Indigenous cultural protocols specified by the community the dataset concerns.  An embargo placed by a depositor is for a specified time period. In some cases the depositor may grant the release of limited parts of the dataset to the approved applicant.