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Italian version: Monica Galassi - Oggetti Ambasciatori: Riflessioni intorno alla “patrimonializzazione condivisa”

Among the conferences organized by the University of Verona, the one of 30th and 31st of March was really interesting and absolutely essential for the ATSIDA outreach in Italy. Shared cultural patrimony, extra-European heritage, claim of identity, repatriation and digital repatriation are only a few of the subjects raised from the discussion. Thanks to the organizers, Anna Paini and Matteo Aria, this conference was a good opportunity to discuss these complex issues with an interdisciplinary researchers.

Italian version: Monica Galassi - Museo di Antropologia di Padova

The Padova University Museum Center offers important opportunities for gaining knowledge not only for students, but also for local people and visitors that crowd together in the city of the famous St. Antonio. Just a few steps from the Basilic, close to the beautiful Botanic Garden, the curator of the museum welcomed me and gave me the chance to keep in touch with an important and largely unknown collection. The Anthropology Museum of Padova University holds  more than 20000 objects divided in four units (the Osteotological, Palaeethnological, Ethnographic and Oriental Arts collections) that have been preserved thanks to the interests of the researchers that were engaged in the field in the second half of the 19th Century.

ATSIDA presentation at the Native American Roundtable on Archives, Society of American Archivists Annual Conference

Kirsten Thorpe, ATSIDA Project Officer, recently attended the Society of American Archivists Conference (SAA) in Chicago. Kirsten was invited by the Native American Archives Roundtable to do a presentation on ATSIDA and to exchange information on the Australian landscape in relation to protocols for archives and libraries. The Roundtable serves as a forum for creating dialogue on mutual respect for the record, and is made up of members of the profession who have an interest in Native American archival issues.

Italian version: “Rituals of Life”: la cultura e la spiritualità degli aborigeni australiani attraverso le collezioni Vaticane

Rome is always a surprise. During a hot and sunny day in May, the Vatican Museums strut themself in all their glory. Attempting to avoid the crowd, I go in the Ethnologic section to visit the Aboriginal culture exhibition “Rituals of Life”: The Spirituality and Culture of Aboriginal Australians: the Vatican Museums Collection.

The 2011 conference of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library and Information Resource Network (ATSILIRN) took place in Melbourne at the State Library of Victoria on the 7 and 8 July 2011.

Italian version: Il “Museo delle culture del Mondo di Genova” e la voce degli oggetti
Entering the garden, going up to the castle, every noise of Genova keeps quiet. I can hear just the macaia, that see me slow up to the entrance of the museum. Raised on Montegalletto Hill, originally the castle was born to be the house of the Captain Enrico Alberto D’Albertis. He offered the property of the building to Genova only in 1932, after his death. 

My name is Ryan Stoker. I work as a seconded Digital Preservation Officer for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive (ATSIDA) at UTS.

Ryan Stoker and I visited the State Library of New South Wales (NSW) on 2 June 2011 for a guided tour of the exhibition Carved Trees: Aboriginal cultures of western NSW.

Our Digital Preservation Officer, Elizabeth Mulhollann, is currently in Canada to represent ATSIDA at two international conferences.

Monica Galassi has been visiting Italian institutions over the past month, making connections with Italian Institutions about collections they may hold which relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This has been an exciting opportunity for ATSDIA to identify Indigenous research data held overseas.