Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

News & events

ATSIDA staff have been out and about in the community, making connections with research institutions and other Libraries and Archives. In June 2010, ATSIDA visited the University of Newcastle Archives to meet with the University Archivist, Gionni DiGravio.

ATSIDA staff travel to Walgett, New South Wales for a Protocols workshop.


 ATSIDA meets with Dr Ruth Latukefu (Fink) and Mr Mervyn Bishop

ATSIDA had the opportunity to meet with Dr Ruth Latukefu (Fink) and Mr Mervyn Bishop in June 2010. Mervyn Bishop, Indigenous Photographer, arranged the visit with Dr Latukefu after meeting the ATSIDA Reference group who had been involved in discussions about the importance of research material being returned to the community to which it relates.

The Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service hosted a Family History Information Day in Albury on the 25 March 2010.